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Special Edition, August 2000 

     Michael Mills, the author of "The Glassine Surfer," a column about stamp collecting and the Net, has published in the August 2000 edition of the American Philatelic Society's magazine "The American Philatelist" an article about this site. In an e-mail the author wrote me: "Your site is one of the reasons I now have my settings at 1024!  I hope that I'm able to help a few more people find your site.  It is one of the more enjoyable that I've seen.  I like the alt comments that pop up with the jpg's." Thank you, Michael!  Please read the article published below. 

More Art

    "Paintings and Arts on Stamps" starts off with art stamps rushing back into their places on a gallery wall as some cavalier fellows look on, and from there you can surf the site in one of four languages, including English.
    Victor Manta, the site's creator lives in a village in the canton of Bern in Switzerland, which accounts for his facility with languages, and his advanced physics degree and technical management experience shows in the site's programming.  On the other hand, his passion for stamps and painting needs no explanation.
    Navigation is done with a "tree navigator," a Java routine you'll find in the left-hand frame.  Click "art gallery" to get started.
    The art gallery has sections for rock art, portraits, nudes, letters, museums, pottery, religious and errors, among several others, and most sections have separate sub-sections.  After the art gallery you can wander through country list, where Manta has arranged art stamps that illustrate the country's history, culture and landscape.
    In other areas of the site you'll find info on new issues, and PASIC, the "Painting and Stamps Internet Club," which has a bulletin board on site.  The club is free and is affiliated with the ATA.
    New material appears as needed, such as a page about Slania's 1000th stamp or Austria's issuance of a souvenir sheet to mark the death of Frederick Stowasser, and Manta offers a free Excel database listing 20,000 art on stamps and approximately 2300 sheets of art on stamps topicals.
   Manta's a member of the Union of Swiss Philatelic Associations and founded PASIC, which now has 180 members in 49 countries.  He's also "convinced that stamp collecting has a great future, not only a glorious past!"

    Paintings and Arts on Stamps:

    While you're there, don't miss the masterworks from the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

We encourage all stamps collectors interested in Arts on Stamps to join us at the Paintings and Arts on Stamps Internet Club, in order to make our hobby even more interesting and more joyful for you and for all of us. To join this free club, please click on the button below:

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