Awards won in January 1998

Here are the awards that the "Paintings and Arts on Stamps" site won in the month of January 1998. Because  the images use some space on the server, I decided to stop here. I would like to thank a lot all Webmasters who have taken the time to review my site and decided to reward me with their nice awards!

"Fly With Eagles" Award  Internet Innovator Award Approved by
WetWired WebCenter
Musicians Network
Award for Best Design

"Fly With Eagles" Award

Internet Innovator Award

WetWired WebCenter Award

Musicians Network

Cool Site Award Bloboo  Awards The GraphX Kingdom
Select Site Award
The WSN, Non Sporting
site, Web award

Cool Site Award

Personal Page Excellence

For All Ages Groups

Graphx Kingdom Award

WSN Web Award

Cool Site Award
for Excellence
Cranky Monkey Award KJEM's Most Treasured Home Grown Award
of  Excellence

Cool Site 4 Excellence

Cranky Monky Award

  Most Treasured Site

HomeGrown 4 Excellence

Home & Hearth Award
of Excellence
Canuck's Award for
World Class Site
Jumbles Gold Award The Critical Mass

Home and Hearth Medal

Canuck Choice Award

Jumbles Gold Award

The Critical Mass Award

Some Webmasters' comments:

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